Sunday, July 27, 2008

The French Rivera

The next morning...not a very early morning for all of us...we went to see the beach...I set my feet in the French Rivera and off we went back to Frome UK. The trusty Queen Air got us back in 4 hours 45 min flat ...
I must admit she is a very nice Queen... thanks to her and our trusty pilots... she made another "M&M adventure flight of a lifetime" possible.
My thanks go out to Chris Vincent for his hospitality making us feel at home in his castle. Thanks again to Chris for letting me share his dog Jack and hopes for his full recovery.
Thanks to Sam and all the office help for putting up with me doing this blog in or near their wireless internet !and to Eve or Alice or whatever her name was who copied the pictures for us and for the laugh we had !
Thanks to Matt the cook who fed us when we needed food !
My thanks to Mandy for her friendship on the first leg of the trip to the UK...We were great
flight attendants together!
I can't say enough to all the people we met...but may God bless you all ! We had a wonderful time there and We will never forget you !
I must also thank my new found cousin, Grazia, for making our trip to Italy one of special heart felt time that I will never forget...beautiful ! Very beautiful ! bellissimo...Thanks Grazia!
Stay tuned for more M&M adventure flights!
Cheers .... Chow ....and goodbye for now...M&M(Mell and Mary)

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