Tuesday, July 8, 2008

St Mary's of Orchardleigh

We went to church on the estate Sunday and the Vicar"Priest" or "Preacher" gave us the tour of the church. He showed us a chalice they found from 1300 and the chalice we took communion from was silver from 1600. The service was like the Catholic Church but they do not pray to Mary. They do Baptize babies and had a baptism on Sunday. The church is very small and was filled to the max. The service was nothing like 12 Stone (our church) but was very refreshing.
During the communion the Vicar layed hands on us and gave a prayer of blessing ! It was very
moving. I will try to get pictures of the inside before I leave. I think the church was built in
1300 or 1400 but has been restored several times.

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