Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After the beach we were surprised with a trip to Pisa ! Fabio spoke hardly any English and Giacomo could speek some. Grazia told us we were going to Pisa and not to tell Chris and Sam.
Fabio and Giacomo were driving Chris and Sam...Mell and I were in the car with Grazia as
we all could not fit in one car. So it was a big surprise when we arrived in Pisa !
Then Grazia promised us a nice Italian Pizza and she knew a great place and fast service...well
Fabio knew a shortcut ... and we all felt as if we were in the movie " Europian Vacation" as we kept going around and around and around...I looked up and said "look the leaning tower again !" We laughed and laughed ...it was good fun ! We finally arrived and had the best pizza ever...we
got back to Grazia's and had a small trip on the bikes at one in the morning !

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