Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stones Of Orchardleigh

Orchardleigh has its own stones...Orchardleigh Stones long barrow (medieval burial grounds) Some years ago about 1724 or 1725 highway workmen discovered the bones of a large man and several smaller skulls, lying in a sort of chest having two large stones at the head and feet, two side stones and a cover stone. Some say a great number of bones. There are now remaining two upright stones about 61/2ft high which if opened might probably discover such another chest of skeletons. The tale goes that a lady in white haunts the site and some people are said to be afraid of passing the place after dark. A golden coffin is said to be buried in it. We haven't seen the lady in white yet? These stones are 500 years older that STonehenge ! Click and have a look at me in the first picture.

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graham said...

wow, you guys are really doin it. can't believe it mom, I am so happy for you..

italy will be fun!

love g