Saturday, July 5, 2008


5000 year old rocks...there are many different theories as to why they are here...they know some of the rocks were moved from Wales...about 100 miles...not sure even how they did it
there are many theories on that too ! The 2nd picture shows what the original structure looked like. The best theory I think is a sort of calendar. As the sun shines it shines through different rocks at different months and so on...


Anonymous said...

i am so jealous. Of all the places in the world (not in USA)this is the only one I would even remotely consider traveling to. I'll never fly across the ocean so pictures will have to do. NatGeo just aired a wonderful show on its origins and i loved that. keep enjoying yourselves and your funny wit. I love looking at where you've been.

Its ME said...

WOW ! thanks for sharing your pictures here.
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